Tips for selling in spring

If you’re hoping to (quickly) sell your home this spring season, there are a few things you can do prior to listing that help you stay ahead of the curve.

Here are some suggestions for steps to take now, for a proactive and fast selling period later.

Do a spring clean

Now is as good a time as any to do a deep, spring clean around your home. Do a dive into the cracks and crevices—dust and organize and freshen up your space to get ready for showings.

It also can’t hurt to add some touches of spring, whether it’s fresh flowers or a throw pillow or two.

Clear the clutter

This goes beyond cleaning—try to remove as much stuff as possible from your home. Whether you opt to donate, throw away, or even rent out a temporary storage space, you’re setting the stage for potential buyers.

When looking at homes, buyers want to imagine themselves in the space. That can be hard to do if it’s filled to the brim with personal items. As an extra bonus, this might make moving out easier down the road.  

Fix the small stuff

While many agents warn that home upgrades are meant to be enjoyed while living in your home, some are non-negotiables. Instead of going in on a full renovation, knock off the smaller items that can’t be ignored: leaky plumbing, broken windows, chips and dings in the walls.

These small items add up to make a big impact, and it’s proactive of you to address these concerns ahead of time. Hiring a handyperson or ordering your own inspection will look great and act as an additional selling point when the time comes.

Boost that curb appeal

Spring is a time to shine, to clean up your yard and make it another selling point. Everything helps here: pulling weeds, planting fresh grass, investing in flowers, adding small tasteful touches.

Winter can bring a lot of debris to yards, so do your best to clean up any trash or dog feces that were covered under the snow.

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