Some Great News

We’d like to take the opportunity to appreciate some feel-good moments that have happened within the past few weeks, as an alternative to the news cycles we've grown accustomed to lately. Sometimes, a little positivity goes a long way!

Library fines are forgiven

Garfield County Libraries have decided to eliminate all overdue materials fees, indefinitely. The Library District Board made the decision as part of a nationwide initiative to increase patronage and reduce financial barriers for all six of the Garfield County branches.

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Roaring Fork schools’ graduation rate exceeds state average

Our kiddos are resilient! It’s great to see that even in tough times, our local education system is helping support high schoolers to thrive.

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New luxury train traveling through Glenwood Springs

Starting in August, the Rocky Mountaineer luxury train will begin taking travelers across western Colorado. Passengers can choose to get on board in either Denver or Moab for a two-day trip, with an overnight stop in Glenwood Springs.

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A new Jewish-style deli is headed to Carbondale

Keep an eye out for Plosky’s, the latest project for longtime local chefs David Eisenson and Mark Hardin, which is set to open in June 2021.

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Inaugural poet inspires

Amanda Gorman, the 22-year old poet who performed at the recent presidential inauguration, blew away audiences with her original piece, “The Hill We Climb.” It was a beautiful, uplifting, and uniting performance and can be watched here. People are also loving the fact that Gorman overcame a speech impediment, making her national performance even more impressive.

Possible MS breakthrough is looming

The same German firm which, together with Pfizer, created the first COVID-19 vaccine, has stated that they are using that same technology to create a vaccine for multiple sclerosis (MS). This could be an incredible breakthrough in science, helping to delay the onset of MS and reduce the severity of the disease.

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