Best places to see the fall leaves in the Roaring Fork valley area.

This year is going to be fantastic for fall colors.  Dr. Dan West, an entomologist for CSU Forest Service says “We had a delayed spring, two to three weeks late because of how cool and wet things were.  The ample precipitation means great growing conditions.  Healthy stands of trees show a more vibrant color than non-healthy stands, and they’ve had perfect growing conditions all summer.”  This fall is going to be amazing!  

Generally the leaves change every year about the same time but so you can plan for optimal  outdoor leaf peeping experience, make sure you know when forecasters predict the colors to be at their best.  

Of course there is no shortage of places to enjoy the stunning fall colors in the Roaring Fork Valley area, here are a few suggestions courtesy of Aspen Trail Finder.  Click for more details

Highway 133 (West Elk Loop Scenic Byway)

Castle Creek Road (CR 15)

Sunlight Mountain

Grizzly Creek Trail

Smuggler Mountain

Independence Pass Road (HWY 82)

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