Wild Success with the Home for Heroes Program!

Since 2009, Homes for Heroes, Inc., has helped over 28,000 heroes save over $45 million on their real estate transactions, actively partnered with 2,700 like-minded real estate and mortgage professionals who’ve joined in the mission, and donated over $632,000 to heroes in need through the Homes for Heroes Foundation.

Scott Dillard's wife Vida has been a teacher for many years, so the Dillard Team knows first hand the challenges of making a life in the Roaring Fork valley. We have started offering the Homes for Heroes program locally just this year, and its rapid popularity demonstrated that this is just what the community has been looking for!

Homes for Homes program has allowed us to be proactive in helping teachers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, health care workers, military and veterans, to stay in the community through a generous cash back reward, which comes directly out of our commission. This money can help our clients with renovations, moving expenses, furniture purchases, and can alleviate the costs that come along with the joy of settling in a new home.

Congrats to some of our heroes who recently purchased their home with us, and who will stay in our community for years to come!

You could be next! Contact us now if you are interested into the Homes For Heroes program, we will evaluate what you can get, and draft a personalized plan to make you next real estate move a success!

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